Our Technology

We pride ourselves on the advanced level of technology that our practice is able to deliver. Lakeville Eye Associates was one of the area's first medical practices to implement full Electronic Medical Records. We have the latest diagnostic tools including the Cirrus OCT nerve and retina scanning device. Highly accurate measurements of the eye can be made in preparation for cataract surgery utilizing the IOL Master 500 scanner.

Our computerized visual field analyzer allows early detection of glaucoma and a variety of other eye disorders. Our high resolution digital fundus camera allows detailed images of the eye to be analyzed and fully integrated into our electronic medical records. Our computer system allows us to monitor drug interactions and to send prescriptions to any pharmacy electronically.

Our laser suite allows us to treat a variety of ocular conditions right in the comfort of our office. We now have SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty), a new laser treatment for glaucoma. This laser allows us to target the fluid drainage system of the eye in a minimally invasive fashion in order to treat glaucoma. Many patients are able to reduce or eliminate dependency on eye drops.

We are pleased to offer this high level of technology in the operating room as well. We perform small incision cataract surgery using the most precise instrumentation including the Infiniti surgical unit. The surgery involves ultrasonic removal of the cloudy lens from the eye, and replacement with a clear, synthetic lens implant. The surgery typically takes 30 minutes or less and is performed in the Outpatient Surgical Center at Sharon Hospital.

We regularly perform both routine and complex cataract surgeries using state of the art devices and techniques to make the surgery safer. We offer a range of advanced technology lens implants customized to the needs of each patient. All of our lens implants have built-in wave front correcting technology, which can give clearer vision and better contrast. All of our implants are UV blocking and are engineered to block short wavelength light, which may help reduce the incidence of macular degeneration. Some of our newest advanced technology lens selections even correct astigmatism and provide a level of bifocal capability.

Lakeville Eye Associates has had electronic records since 2004 and now has a number of digital devices integrated into the office intranet. As a result, we can review tests and scans with patients in each exam room, even MRIs or CAT scans done outside the office.

OCT - Optical Coherence Tomography

Modern Exam Room

Digital Fundus Photography

                                                                           Dr. William Kirber