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Lakeville Eye Associates

Privacy Policy

Our Website Privacy Policy

1 Introduction
Lakeville Eye Associates, LLC takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes how and why we obtain, store and process data which can identify you. We may update this policy from time to time and shall indicate on the web site when changes have been made.

2 The Information we collect
We may collect your IP address and use cookies unless you configure your web browser not to accept them.

3 Why we collect it
We collect information about you so that we can personalise your use of the site, assist your use of the site and improve the site generally through statistical analysis.

4 Who we disclose it to
We will never disclose your personal information including email address.

5 Questions?
If you have any questions or complaints relating to this Privacy Policy or how we use the personal information we have about you, please call or contact BILLINGOFFICE AT Lakeville Eye Associates.com We will endeavor to respond to you promptly.

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